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Daycare for children with double disabilities who cannot attend a regular school. Team TWM will take over the task of the Gambia Child Foundation and will take care of 6 children, three days a week.

After two years together, these children are a family who help and support each other. When one of the children has achieved an achievement, all children are happy. They also enjoy doing things together like blowing bubbles to the beach or playing ball games. We also try to organize the day in such a way that there is room for fun individually or together and to motivate and achieve skills. In addition, physiotherapy and other help will also be added, such as, hopefully, speech therapy in the future.

After two years, the Gambia Child foundation has decided not to continue with the collaboration and to rent our location to start up new projects elsewhere. The stated reason of the foundation is that the Daycare is too expensive and contrary to their vision. She wanted a different solution for the Daycare children. We at the Three Wild Monkeys and our volunteers know that there is no other solution for these children in The Gambia. Together we agree that this group should not be separated after two years. The foundation eventually handed over the children to us without any resources, any financial support and/or compensation.

Hopefully we can count on your support so that Daycare continues to exist.

Esther Meijer fromTeam daycare project TWM

Become a sponsor, this is possible from 5 euros per month. Look for more information at the bottom of this page.


The Children


Down syndrome sturdy lady who likes to do chores and cooperate. She comes from kotukala school where she did nothing and little attention was paid to her. Her skills were not stimulated here. We do just that in daycare. Mental age approx. 6 years

Sally is doing very well and is very social. she likes to help the other children and has her own regular chores.

Final goal: Self-reliance by taking on chores independently so that she is appreciated in a compound. Keeping her moving because of her excess weight.

Gaz: Spastic and can only work with one foot. Comes from second home but she didn't get the attention she needs there. You can talk to her mentally. In the compound, only her mother looks after her in the evening because mother has to work. Gaz needs to be fed so that means she often only gets food in the evening.

Gaz is now at home and we miss her very much. Because she lives very far away and not on the route, it is a great job for us and the children to pick her up and bring her home. The best thing would be if she has her own driver. Gaz no longer has her own sponsor, so we are looking for her so that she can come back and hopefully that will work out.

Final goal: For Gaz there is no end goal and normal school is not possible. We want to give her a pleasant time as long as possible and motivate her skills such as painting with her foot. Gaz is the oldest and important to the group. She helps us to communicate well with the other children in their own language.

Mohamed: Mental age approx. 3 to 4 years has a sister who is also mentally and physically handicapped. She does not get further than 1 yr mentally and is very dependent on her mother. Mohamed is with us purely to relieve the parents. He can't walk but there are good muscles present that have never been stimulated. The intention was to use physio. Unfortunately, this was not continued by the foundation. A normal school is not possible for him.

Final goal: Using physio so that Mohamed becomes more mobile. He is already practicing with a walker and has a lot of fun with it. There are already discussions with physiotherapists who want to tackle this. Offer activities he enjoys such as throwing a ball, etc.

Assan: A cheerful boy who is mentally easy to talk to. Assan comes from Harthouse where she used a standard up to 14 years. That is why Assan came to us. Geof van harthouse came by regularly to give advice, but unfortunately Geof passed away recently. Assan is in a wheelchair and would like to practice with the walker. Physio would also be used for him, but unfortunately was not continued either.

Final goal: Using physio to make Assan more mobile and to motivate and develop his skills more. A tricycle bike is recommended by the physiotherapist to practice with him.

Ebrima: A cheerful boy and very social likes to participate. Ebrima is Abdu's buddy and the two are inseparable. he is the great stimulator for Abdu. they are about the same age. Ebrima seems to be doing well in the compound and they call him the president because he gets everything done in a cheerful and funny way.

Ebrima's family wants to try a normal school for Ebrima. his resilience and self-reliance has grown enormously so that we will try for 3 months. if he doesn't make it and everything that has been built here deteriorates, he is welcome again. if he does make it, we can be proud of what we have achieved.

Final goal: resilience, self-reliance and further develop his skills. increase concentration.

Abdu: Was a shy little boy who cried at first because he wanted to go home. He didn't talk much. Abdu quickly got used to it and feels at home in the daycare. He is now trying to join but still has trouble speaking. Despite that, he manages to make himself clear. Together with his friend Ebrima he feels strong and they are two rascals together.

Despite the absence of his great friend, Abdu is progressing in leaps and bounds. his resilience and self-reliance has grown enormously. He also talks 50% more clearly and more than in the beginning.

Final goal: Resilience, self-reliance and further expand his skills. Increase concentration.


What we do

What we need


Large smooth table that is easy to clean.

Plastic chairs, sometimes accidents happen

Large tricycle balance bike for Mohamed and Assan to practice

Transport cost for 5 children in total there are 6 children. Abdou is brought by his brother, his petrol costs are already paid by a sponsor

Computer for administration so that all volunteers can work in it, such as skill lists, day program or deployment of physiotherapist, etc.

Care 4 Mobility has already loaned us a potty chair and special wheelchair.This is a selection of what is now important: Games, exercise books, pencils, toys, etc. Its now in stock but will need to be replaced from time to time.

Roof almost done

What still needs to be realized

Shelter and paint materials, because the Daycare is located outside, roof is already done

Restore work where the Daycare and foundation is located

Outdoor toilet with potty seat-is already done, just tiling and painting

Use of physiotherapy

Use of speech therapy


Cleaning up and making it nice for the kids

Because of the hard work on the daycare, the children were invited by 'Gert and Wilma' to have lunch in the restaurant.

The photos show that there is still a lot of work to be done . Hopefully we can realize this quickly with the help of donations and sponsors.

For the great work that has been done so far , thank you all the lovely people who made this possible.

More beautiful pictures to follow.

Sponsors Wanted

Start working toilet

Hopefully we can count on your support so that Daycare continues to exist.

Team daycare project TWM

For questions +2207668250 WhatsApp of

Bertil Harding Highway Kotu


BIC/Swift code RABONL2U


NL61RABO 0303121726

In the name of E. Meijer TWM


The shop

August 2022

Because the boxes for the store are no longer supplied by the foundation, the store had to stop. The proceeds from the store were for the kids. Because we are now independently, we are missing out on this income. Thanks to Kees and Henny we can start the store again and organize markets. They now send boxes with children`s clothing and shoes that are left over from clothings fairs in the Netherlands.

On behalf of project TWM we would like to thank everyone for the sponsorship and donations. On behalf of Kees and Henny I would like to thank everyone for sponsoring boxes for shipping. And of course Kees and Henny thank you for your great effort.

August 2022, 27 boxes were delivered. All clothing and shoes were sold whit a nice proceeds for the TWM project.

Mei 2023 !Good news!

Clothing fair de Glimworm has 35 boxes of children's clothing for the project. They also sponsor the shipping costs for 25 boxes. Would you also like to sponsor a box? Send an email or whatsapp +2207668250 the costs are 8.50 euros for a box.

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